Monday, March 3, 2008

Present Shopping

I had fun today - we went present shopping for Matt's pressie. I can't believe he'll be 30 on Wednesday! How OLD are we getting??????? I FINALLY found the present I really wanted to get for him, plus a few little extras. I'm also making him a cute little something for him to take to work.

Wow, where did my life go? I'm 27, and I have a 30 year old hubby and 2 kids! It seems like only yesterday I was at high school and stressing about clothes, boys and classes. Trying to decide if I wanted to be a lawyer, actuary or a child-care teacher (of course I chose the child-care teacher, who wants to do 4 unit maths anyway?? LOL).

I really should be cleaning my house instead of putting an update of my life in here. I did do my scrapping area last night, and promptly messed it up again! But I have done 2 LOs and getting close to finishing the OTP project I'm doing for Matt's birthday.

Elizabeth didn't have a sleep today, so she's fast asleep already. And Phillip's just gone down too. I can breathe again. Refuel myself in time for another day tomorrow. A day of mother's group and baby bounce at the library, and breast-feeding counselling in the afternoon...

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Emstar said...

i hope all is well im enjoying the blog have a good night