Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Phillip is sitting on my lap right now about to head off to bed, and he just wanted to say "hi", and "good night". I guess his spelling isn't the greatest... LOL

I actually got a few photos of my kiddles the other morning. TOGETHER! That is virtually impossible. The last photo I had of the 2 of them together and both looking at the camera, and HAPPY was in January I think. I've been able to photoshop a couple of decent pictures from combining 2 vaguely decent ones, but it's not the same! So here's one of the photos I got on Friday morning. There are others that I love too. Maybe I'll share them in my next post...

Last weekend I got to stay over at Sharon's house (thanks for the hospitality Sharon if you ever read this!) to do a bit of scrapping on the Saturday, and then we headed off to the stitches and craft show in Sydney on the Sunday. I managed to complete a few things on the Saturday.

Sadly I'm not as impressed by the work I do when I'm out of the house, as the stuff I do when I'm at home. I tend to get a bit more arty and do a lot more detailed work at home. At crops and retreats I tend to do a lot more clean-cut stuff and it tends to be a bit more, I dunno, boring? Not really the right word, but I'm never quite as happy with the things I do. But in the end I have a few more memories down on paper, a few more challenges done, and most of all, I get to have fun! And I guess that is the point eh?
The "Fashionista" LO is the basis for a sketch over at TAN's blog if you want to have something to get your creative juices flowing...
I'm starting working on a rag quilt at the moment (I figure if I put it in here I might actually FINISH a creative project!). I haven't really made a quilt before. I made a king-sized quilt cover for my mum using a very random style, but never actually a REAL quilt! Wish me luck!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Woo Hoo! I'm on a roll!

Elizabeth likes dressing herself at the moment. We have had some interesting combinations so far - dresses over jeans, singlet tops in winter, and of COURSE orange, navy, pink and red go SO well together. But yesterday's outfit was a stunner...

So what if the grey and black striped leggings are inside out? So what if the bright blue knitted jumper is inside out too? So what if the off-the-shoulder checked red gingham Dorothy the Dinosaur top doesn't match anything? It's FASHION daaaahhhlings!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All done, and some digi scrapping to share

Well, Tanyah's blog is all set up. All pink and pretty with butterflies and flowers and gems.

My blog is set up too - a little bit different... A bit of a grungy, dirty and ecclectic look I reckon! I like the coffee stains particularly. Even though I don't actually drink coffee... LOL

I put in an order with BigW online the other day for 2 8x8 soft-cover albums. At less than $10 it's a GREAT way to get digi creations out of the computer and into a book. You can fit 20 LOs in each book (more if you put multiples on each page, but then they get pretty small and you can't see the detail). I wanted to do 2 books, but I needed a few extra LOs to bulk them out, so I whipped up these LOs in an hour or so!

So today I get to go pick up the 2 books. Added to the 1 I already have, I will then have just about all of my digi scrapping in a hard-copy form as well as on the computer.

It was my sister's baby shower on the 8th. Lots of preperation. Of course, like usual, we over-did it and had heaps and heaps of food, lots of games and all kinds of things. It was a fun day!
I made a nappy cake. It's got wipes, baby bath, 2 packets of disposable nappies, 3 cloth nappies, 4 pairs of frilly baby socks, and the thankyou gifts for everyone for coming (the lolly pops).
And I HAD to include an embarrasing present opening photo of Sarah here. Love the double chin... hehehehe

So, I guess I should go clean the house or something like that. Maybe go get some morning tea for the playgroup tomorrow. Lucky me is on morning tea.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Please excuse the dust

I am in the process of changing my blog around a little bit, and also experimenting with Tanyah's blog (figured I'd muck around with mine cause I know I can change it back). So if you're popping in you might notice a few strange things happening...