Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My day...

6:00am - Matt kisses me goodbye before heading off to work.

6:30am - Phillip needs a feed (ouch!), fall asleep feeding him.

8:00am - Wake Elizabeth up and giver breakky. She has a thing about getting her own bowl and spoon out. Yummy Fruity Bix this morning.

8:30am - Log onto the computer (of course!)

9:20am - Rush around getting ready - me dressed, Phillip changed and dressed, Elizabeth changed and dressed. Hair brushed, baby bag packed, keys, phone, etc. etc.

10:10am - Arrive at library late for "Baby Bounce". Elizabeth doesn't sing again, but repeats lots of the songs to me afterwards almost word-for-word. She's really a listener that girl!

10:30am - Hot chocolate with Mother's Group in the centre court at Westfield.

12:00midday - Head off to get photos processed at Big W for very insistant MIL (don't you love this letter we got - on the front of the envelope for Matt's birthday card no less!)

Of course the digital processing machines are out of order, so she'll have to wait a little while for the photos...

12:30pm - Subway for lunch. I go for the cheap option and get the salad only one. The Subway people were really stupid though - they just don't listen. He puts pepper and salt on my sub. Ew!

1:00pm - Spend a bit of time in Borders relaxing. Read For Keeps, and accidentally leave with it in the top of the stroller wehn we have to leave due to Phillip trying to scream the place down. I didn't notice until we were at the car and I felt guilty but wasn't going back!!

2:00pm - Breastfeeding Counselling. Not particularly helpful, she didn't tell me anything I didn't know already. Phillip decides to attach properly for the first time in a week while we were at the group! Of course!!!

4:30pm - Finally back home and put Elizabeth and Phillip down for a sleep. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, peace at last - for about 10 minutes until Phillip wants a feed...

5:30 - Finished Matt's birthday present - JUST in time as his birthday's tomorrow!

Put the kangaroo roast in the oven and pick some yummy rosemary to put on the potatoes with garlic and salt - mmmm yummy!

6:45 - Cut tomatoes to fry for dinner, just before Matt gets home

7:00pm - Yummy dinner!

8:00pm - Put lice stuff in Lilli's hair (hopefully this'll be the last lot). Poor girl gets it in her eyes in the shower with Matt.

9:00pm - Make Matt's birthday card while he's doing the dishes - simple but it looks pretty cool.

10:00pm - Log onto my blog to write this looong post!

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Emstar said...

your a busy lady i love your work hugs i hope bf gets better for you