Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New mini digi freebie and my KIT is on sale at ScrapNCraftWithT!

YAY! My kit I designed for Tan is now in her gorgeous SHOP! It's exciting seeing stuff I've created being sold in a REAL shop!

This is the album you can make with the kit. It has over $35 worth of stuff in there and it's selling for only $30 and seeing Tan has the lowest prices of any online store I've found, that's awesome value!

You get the entire collection of Bella Damsel papers, some gorgeous chippie letters (I SO want more of these!), journaling blocks, plenty of flowers, JAC paper, glitter, pearls, ChelleyBean Designs felt (I LOVE these! So cute and such beautiful colours made specially for this kit!), plus the AWESOME album that Tan herself designed!

Go check it out!!! The link for the kit is HERE, but if you want to check out the store as a whole the link is HERE...

I also have a little mini digital scrapbooking freebie to give away. These cute little flowers have been sitting on my computer just WAITING for a play! So finally inspired by a class at Point Shoot Play that I did on the weekend at Warana, I finally got around to doing them. The tips and tricks they taught really did come in handy!

There are 3 flower doodles in gorgeous pastel candy colours for you to go crazy with. Hope you have fun with them!

The link for the download is HERE. Leave me a comment if you do download it. I love hearing if you like what I've made!
I promise I WILL get back here soon to put up more pictures of my weekend at Warana. It was so much fun! I just have to sit down and go through my favourites (and possibly delete just about all of the ones of me. I shudder to think what my Sing Star pictures look like! Particularly me as Britney Spears! Complete with a rainbow wig! Pity that one's on someone else's camera!!!)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back safe and sound

Warana was absloutley AWESOME! I had so much fun and definitely not enough SLEEP! LOL

My creations for the weekend...

Because Blogger hates heaps of photos I'll be back again soon with some photos of actual people and a bit more of a description of all the stuff that happened...

Friday, November 14, 2008


YAY! I'm heading off to Warana today! We're just packing the car and we'll be leaving soon! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA! I'm having a holiday! And the BEST kind of holiday! A SCRAPPING holiday!

I think my my constant use of "!"s that you might get the idea that I'm excited!!!

If only Matt and the kids could be in a house next to us. Then I could have a holiday at the same time as not missing them!

So to you Warana girls, "see you soon!"............

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Prize Collect Fun Stop!

OK, I am dragging you all in. I am part of an awesome site called the Prize Collect Fun Stop. It's attached to a site where you can get some great prizes just for clicking on links and signing up to 100% free offers. But you can choose to join the main site or not (I would recommend it - it's so easy to get points!).

But the best part about the forum is you get to play games, join in raffles and all sorts of awesome stuff, and have some fun chatting to some great people from around the world!

If you decide to join I'd love it if you could put my name "Yillup" in the comments box when you register so I can be credited with the referral. There's a great competition on at the moment where you can win a memory stick!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Things to share PLUS a digital scrapbooking freebie

My next guest design team position has started at Scrap N Craft With T for the month!
As well as being able to create 2 LOs for Tan, I have also completed a mini album using a beaticul album that she created! The step-by-step instructions are here.

Most of this stuff is available in Tan's shop. I just LOVE all the products there. I haven't been shopping online for long but so many of the shops I visit have such a limited range of stuff I like. Tan's has just about everything I want! And sadly for my bank balance I DO want it all...

And I have been slack and haven't put up my last 2 entries in Project Scrap Away! It's the last week this week. I am really sad as it's been a huge highlight of my week for the last 10 weeks.

Week 10 entry...

Week 9 entry...

I also have a digital freebie that I keep PLANNING on posting here on my blog. A couple of people have found it already through my 4Shared files, but I haven't gotten around to posting it here! So here you go - 3 aqua and purple papers for you. I know they don't *really* co-ordinate with each other, but they were fun to make and I loved the colours. My favourite is the purple paper with the map on it.

You can download it HERE. If you do download it I'd love to see what you create with it! Leave me a comment either here or on 4Shared and I'll come visit you and see you and your gorgeous creations.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


OK, be prepared, you are about to be inundated with photos from our Melbourne Cup lunch...

I got all hat-happy and actually decided to create myself a hat for the occasion! I was very proud of myself!!!
I reckon it's pretty snazzy, even if I do say so myself...
I also got fascinator happy and made a few for other people...

And Aunty Bronwyn:
This is a very bad picture of her (but a good one of the fascinator) so to help her feel better if she stumbles on this blog, here's a MUCH better picture. This is what she looks like usually! LOL
My mum got her own fascinator this year - very classy looking!
Phillip enjoyed playing in my hat while the race was on. I had to use it as a distraction as this was his first reaction to the race! He was scared by the noise! LOL
But he calmed down with a hat to wear! :D

The reason I have SO many photos from the day is that I let Elizabeth roam with the camera for part of the day! She took some interesting pictures that I would never have thought of taking...

It was a great day full of really really good food, good drinks, lots of laughter and friends and family.
By the end of it though I had one VERY tired little girl on my hands...............