Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Good Friday

Is "Happy" Good Friday the right words? It seems strange to me to be saying "happy" when it's all about Jesus dying today. Ah well, it's the only words I can think of, so Happy Good Friday everyone!

I like Good Friday. It's a day when almost everything is shut so almost everyone has a day off (I feel sorry for those in essential jobs that can't take the day off - sorry to rub it in!). It's also a day to remember the great sacrifice Jesus made for us all those years ago.

I'm sorry I'm such a bad bad blogger. I don't get on here very often, do I? I can't promise that's going to change - I'm always going to be a bad blogger I reckon! Ah well. Good thing this blog is for me, and not for anyone else! If you happen to read it - good for you, but I blog because it's interesting to me.

My sister's gotten into blogging now though, and my mum has a new blog for all her recipes and food stuff. And they're GOOD bloggers! They actually have posts more often than once every 3 months...

Go visit my mum HERE and my sister HERE and let them know how good you think they are for blogging frequently :D

Well, I seemed to forget February, so I'll just jump straight into march. I might go back and update February some other time...

We had a blue-tongued visitor in the front driveway. Phillip was absolutely fascinated...
The kids are absolutely obsessed with brushing their teeth. It's their favourite routine of the day!
We went out the day after Matt's birthday and had a yummy lunch at The Entrance. Yummy Cold Rock icecream for dessert led to a need for the bubblers. Neither Phillip nor Elizabeth had ever used bubblers before. It was quite funny watching them try!
Matt's birthday cake was one of those new Michel's Patisserie (sp??) ones. They're nice and small - perfect for a small family. Just enough for 2 nights of cakey goodness!
Phillip did a good job of falling on his head and getting an enormous bump! Silly kid now knows not to chase balloons around on the concrete driveway...
I've been scrapping a tiny bit too (I seriously need to clean my scrap area so that can change from "tiny"). These were the cards I made for the March card swap at Scrapchat. Sadly Australia Post lost them in the mail, so I'm in the process of making another lot to send to people individually. Grrrrr..
A layout using paper I printed myself using my new Vintage Elegance kit over on Tanyah's Scrap N Craft With T blog...
A LO for a class I did with the awesomely talented Chelle on how to create spiral flowers. It's Elizabeth and our neighbour Ava - they are such good friends!
A digi one I've done for a CC challenge at Scrapchat - it's meant to be "whimsical", but I'm not 100% sure I really achieved that! LOL
And one of my kids and Tanyah's kids from earlier in the year having fun drawing with chalk (it's all it seems we do here! LOL)