Monday, June 21, 2010

Our new house!

Well, we're getting to be pretty settled in the new place now. We've still got bits and pieces to find a new home for, and the decorating section seems to have been forgotten for a bit (note to self, a pile of photo frames on the shelves is NOT decoration!), but we're pretty set with most things. For some reason one single shelf in one of our bookshelves hasn't been put in yet. Not 100% sure why, but it's not urgent I guess, so we haven't done it yet! How slack are we??? LOL

My scrap area has been condensed onto only the computer desk, but I've taken advantage of space under the desk for some plastic drawers which are already full of STUFF! Boy, do we have a lot of STUFF!!!!

Anyway, we're loving the new house. In fine weather the kids spend almost all day outside, and when it's raining the TV reception is so much better the kids can watch ABC2 (with a whole lot of kids' programmes) whenever they want! Plus when Matt and I want the main living area to ourselves, the kids have their own rooms to play in. Elizabeth doesn't need to keep her small toys in the dining area, because she has her own desk, and she can play with her stuff whenever she wants!

So, basically, we love our new house!

Oh, and you'll have to wait for some photos (of the house, of the kids, of my scrapping and crocheting, everything)- the computer's having a little hissy fit and I can't really do photos on this laptop I've borrowed off my mum!