Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Cinderella" - Elizabeth style...

Most little 5 year olds love princesses. They love pretending to be princesses, dressing in pretty flouncy dresses, wearing tiaras, bossing people around, just generally being a princess.

So, when Elizabeth said she wanted to pretend to be Cinderella, that's what I was expecting.

But of course my daughter won't be standard, she loves to do things all in her own way, she's really an individual...

Elizabeth's interest in Cinderella was more about doing the washing! So she got a lesson in how to take the dry washing out of the dryer, transfer the clean washing out of the machine and into the dryer and then turn it on, pop a load into the washing machine, pour in a scoop of powder, select the correct temperature and water levels and get the machine going.

She then swept the floor and wiped up a couple of dirty spots with a wet wipe.

Now, if only she'd keep her room clean in the same way!!! :D

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rainbow-y Yumminess

Well, I guess you've all figued out by now that a weekly photo of myself just isn't going to happen regularly! LOL

So I guess I'll just return to my usual sporadic posting whenever the whim hits me to share a little bit on my poor neglected blog!

If you're after someone who's posting semi-regularly (and posting some very YUMMY stuff!), head on over to my MUMMY'S BLOG to have a good look around. Be sure to comment how lovely the background is seeing I created it for her! LOL

Today I'll just show off my own yummy creations... RAINBOW CUPCAKES!

They were so darned easy to make too, but oh so yummy. Packet cake mix, butter cream icing with half tinted blue and half kept white, and some yummy rainbow sour straps I found in our local Big W...


Friday, February 25, 2011

4th Friday Self Portrait

Well, I've missed a few Fridays, but I'm here again! Last Friday we were off on a holiday to Harrington. Heaps and heaps of fun was had by all! I might even share a few photos tomorrow...

Friday, January 28, 2011

3rd Friday Self Portrait

Yep, it's Friday again, and here is my next installment into the pixelated webcammy world of Kylie! At least this time it has been taken during the daylight hours! If you look carefully you can spot the 3 year old chubby legs of Phillip on the lounge. They're having a bit of a TV day today because it's been raining on and off... They've also been doing heaps of drawing at the moment. You can't see it, but the coffee table behind me has a big box of pencils and their little notebooks which are rapidly being filled with drawing after drawing!

Friday, January 21, 2011

2nd Friday Self Portrait

Week 2 of my weekly webcam shot! Wow - look at those bags under my eyes... I think I need an early night... LOL