Monday, January 26, 2009

Some great news!

I am very excited! I have been accepted into my second ever DT position! Thanks to the lovely Tan, I am now an official part of the DT at A2Z Scraplets. It is so exciting! They have put up my first lot of work to show and I am going to be getting my new delivery of brand new and top secret products very soon!

They are having a big sketch challenge over there with some great prizes too.

This is the sample I created for the challenge.

Make sure you head over to the BLOG to check out the details!

Friday, January 23, 2009

My house looks like a child care centre

You can take the girl out of the child care centre, but you can't take the child care centre out of the girl.
I looked around the kids' toy room after I had moved everything around and realised I had made it look a whole lot like a child care centre...

I am absolutely crazy. The temp today is I'm guessing getting pretty close to 40. I'm in a house with no air con and very little in the way of insulation, and I decided to move furniture around! How stupid am I???
The kids should enjoy it though...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week 3! I'm going well...

Well, here we are again! Another week gone and another lot of photos all set and ready to go...

Jan 15:
Jan 16:
Jan 17:
Jan 18:
Jan 19:
Jan 20:
Jan 21:

We've had a bit of a busy week here. My mum and all the Hope St clan are going on a 'round Australia trip in a couple of months, and they've been sorting out all the extra bits and pieces that need to be done for that. My mum was worried about travelling so far and for so long in areas where phone reception is really really bad. So we went and found out heaps of information about all the different options available - satellite tracking, satellite phones, Telstra's Next G network (with extra mega huge aerial to boost reception), satellite TV (and of course Foxtel), mobile internet options, etc. etc. etc.
Just a tip, don't walk in to the Telstra in Westfeild Tuggerah wearing crappy clothes. The people there are ignorant at the best of times it seems, but if you don't look like a yuppie they'll not only show their ignorance, but they'll treat you like a piece of dirt that got dragged in by the cat.
So now it's all sorted and she has a Telstra Next G phone with an extra aerialand the phone itself can be used as a modem for the laptop. They're also getting satellite TV so the Foxtel box will work on it as well.
And the camper is in getting a new FULL SIZED fridge and a stove top put in so it'll be fully functional again soon.
Here in our little house, Lilli is still not liking wind, bumpy roads, storms, cars (me scraping the car on the garage contributed to that) and heaps of other things. But last night at my mum's place she actually spent time in the pool without screaming! And using the floaty ring thing she actually struck out on her own and "swam" across the pool! Very proud of her. Phillip also took a sideways step yesterday, but I didn't see it and so it doesn't count... LOL
Hope everything is going great wherever you may be. Fingers crossed it's not as hot wherever you are! I'm sticking to the computer chair at the moment!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2nd week of project 365

Well, week 2 of the year has already flown past! It's going so quickly already!

And I haven't missed a single day of photos yet. Admittedly I woke al 25 minutes to midnight one night and realised I hadn't taken a photo and had to jump up to do it, but still haven't forgotten any!

8th January:
9th January:
10th January:
11th January:
12th January:
13th January:

14th January:

I've also been able to get some scrapping done! Finally! Next post I'll put them in as I hate how Blogger mucks around with photos when there's quite a few of them.

Hope wherever you are it's cooler than here! I'm sweating just sitting still!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 365

OK, I'm doing it this year! To celebrate my brand spanking new camera, I am dedicating myself to taking at the very least one photo a day for the WHOLE year!

1st January:

2nd January:
3rd January:
4th January:
5th January:
6th January:
7th January:

What do you think of the photos so far? I am guessing I'm going to run out of things to take a photo of and you guys are going to be subjected to heaps of photos of the kids! LOL

Wish me luck!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Really cool news!

I am part of a design team for a brand spanking new online store called Roll2Create!

They have opened the store in the last couple of days and it is filling with some awesome stuff, and for the month of January EVERYTHING is 10% off! What a bargain!

There is also a very cool forum to join. Feel free to come on over (and use "Kylie" as your referral so I get some points! LOL) and join in the chat and the challenges.

The awesomely talented RUBY is the other design team member.
I am very excited to be a part of this new store and hope you can join me in supporting Caroline and her new store!