Saturday, September 6, 2008

Welocme to the weekend

Aren't we such a cute couple? LOL. I'm trying to get some photos of the 2 of us together instead of just the kids... Elizabeth and Phillip are cute and I love taking photos of them, but it's kind-of sad when you look through all the photos for the month and see none of yourself or your husband!

We have been busy packing as much stuff as possible before we move. Trying to minimise the amount we have to pack at the last minute. There's still heaps to go though! We have been so bad the last few weeks and haven't been to church. It actually got to that stage where they sent the church bulletin to us as we hadn't been! LOL With heaps of stuff happening on the weekends we have been taking the time to sleep in and have some family time. I love Saturday and Sunday mornings when we spend time together playing on the bed. Elizabeth loves to jump on the bed and Phillip likes to pull hair!

Because of the packing Elizabeth and Phillip have been entertaining themselves a bit more that usual. With some funny results...

Phillip fell asleep on the floor!

Elizabeth helped out by bringing toys for her little brother to play with. I don't think he appreciated it too much!

They both got into the newspaper we've been using. They had fun scrunching and throwing it everywhere. Both of them got pretty filthy though - newsprint rubs off on everything!

I finished my second week challenge for Project Scrapaway over at Scrapchat. We had to use at least one photo, have a title, use sewing, hide the journalling and scrap about an important past event. I was the first to upload! YAY!

If you'd like to see the other entries you can do so HERE. There are some pretty awesome scrappers taking part!

Anyway, I'm off to move some cupboards downstairs. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sar said...

What a lovely pic of you and your hubby! My photo collection is the same...hardly any of us, just of the kids! Cracked up at the photo of all the toys in the cot too...classic!!! Cheers, Sar