Monday, September 22, 2008

Elizabeth's input and some photos PLUS a LO!




OK, now I have got Elizabeth away from the keyboard I can say MY bit!

We were so slack this month with Philli's monthly photo, but he's fitting so well in his size 0 outfit now! By the time he's one it'll look pretty funny!

Took some of the kids together too. How hard is it taking photos of 2 kids together? They just won't sit still!!!

And Philli decided it'd be a great time to learn how to pull himself up! How proud of himself does he look?

Un-packing is continuing here. It's making me a bit of a grumpy bum though! I just want it all done now and I want it all done properly and that is taking time. I'm sure I'll get over tis little mini-meltdown. I just have to look at the positives! Just think about what I was like a few weeks ago! Un-packing is really only a small worry!!!

OK, I'd better go make a quick lunch for my kidlets!

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Sar said...

You tricked us, wheres the LO???? Cheers, Sar