Sunday, July 6, 2008

YAY! Fun crop!!!

I had a very productive night last night!! Heaps of funness! Thanks SOOOOO much to Pammy for letting us crash your house at the last minute!

Anyways, I got quite a fair bit done. Sorry about the quality of the pictures - they've been taken on my camera phone as my hubby's off at a car show with the real camera today. I can't wait until we get a digital SLR!

The photo of this one is particularly bad. The background's actually a nice bright orange colour. But ah well. Maybe I'll change it when I get the real camera back...

The colours in this one are soooo cool. I just went mental with ribbons and ric rac! Thanks to Ruby for letting me steal her paint! I think everyone did last night!

And a pretty rare double for me. Once again stealing things off people - the stamps I used were borrowed too!

And another bright and colourful one! Picking strawberries at Portland was soooo much fun! Even if it was raining...
For all the fun pictures you'll have to go visit Scrapwitch's blog!

I had SO much fun and as you can see was pretty productive - I had to take full advantage of time away from the kids!


Ruby Claire. said...

man share more often cause you ROCK!
I love the train one!
Oh and the Portland one!!
OHH love 'em all!!
The photo in the first one is beautiful!

Pamela said...

Hi Kylie,

I am really glad you had lots of fun. Your pages are wonderful my favourite been the Look, Trains and Portland oh so hard to decide.

Keep up the awesome work

Pam xo

scrapwitch said...

your really a fabbo scrapper kylie....your layouts are so cool