Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello again

I have had an interesting few days. Poor sick husbands and kids. I'm the only one who's escaped so far! Of course I said "so far", I'm just waiting now...
I've been having some fun with my digi work too. Ilove this one of Elizabeth, but SM disagree! lololol

Actually, SM have been disagreeing with heaps of my LOs lately! HAHAHA - lots of rejection emails coming my way. I'm glad I've got thick skin, but I can see why so many people get discouraged.
I'm off to the dentist AGAIN today. I am getting really really sick of sitting there on a chair while they poke and prod and burn my gum. Hopefully it'll all be over soon enough and I'll actually be able to eat properly for once! It's been a while!

1 comment:

Sheri said...

i too LOVE that LO of Elizabeth!!
yer me and mum sent off about 20 layouts a few months ago and not one got accepted sure takes a hit on your self esteem lol
better luck next time!!!