Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why does life suck?

Sometimes life sucks. That sometimes for me is right now. I have had a terrible week.

Wednesday 13.8.08

Was meant to have root canal at 8:10am. Woke Elizabeth and Phillip up (of course they weren't happy about that). Rushed through the morning, tried to get Lilli to eat her breakfast quicker, got eveything for the day ready and dashed out of the house about 5 to 8. Of course running a bit late. Got to my mum's and dropped the kids off with Sarah in the camper, parked across the neighbour's driveway as I was only going to be there for a minute. Went back to my car to find I had locked my keys as well as my bag (with medicare card, mobile phone, spare keys, etc.) inside. Freaked out for a little bit (insert swear words of choice here). Had to wake my mum up at 8:05 to drive me. Of course only just having woke up she was startled and took a bit to be OK to drive. Finally made it to the dentist around 25 past/half past, and went in while my mum drove off. Only to be told that I was too late for the appointment and they wouldn't take me in. I'd stolen my mum's mobile so I could call when I was finished so I couldn't even call her to ask her to turn around and get me. Waited about half an hour for her to get home and then have to turn around to come pick me up again. Had a bit of a cry about how sucky life was. To pay my mum back for driving me all over the place I paid for her movie ticket to see Mamma Mia.

Thursday 14.8.08

Got a nice little letter in the mail from the real estate agent telling us we're being evicted. About 2 months ago, Matt, thinking he was helping, did some gardening. Admittedly the garden did need some tidying up. After the floods in June last year it was a bit worse for wear. But Matt took everything out... All he left was a rose and a couple of plants. The whole thing had been covered in ferns, but he stripped it bare. And the owner came for a visit a couple of weeks ago to look at some general maintenance that needed doing. Sge was NOT happy, but at the end she gave me a cuddle and said she just had to think about what to do. I guess what she decided to do was kick us out! So the search starts for a new place.

Friday 15.8.08

Elizabeth wakes up covered in very crusty dried vomit. She'd been sick in the night and slept in it. So the day starts with a bath for Elizabeth. Internet searches for rental properties. There's not too much in the area, but I book in to see what we can. Figure it's going to cost about $2000 what with 4 weeks rent as bond, weeks rent in advance plus truck rental. I have no idea where that money's coming from... While doing some of the vomit washing I see a mouse run around the laundry. When Matt comes home he enlists the help of Aggie and goes mouse hunting in the laundry. Between them they catch a couple of mice and we think the mouse dramas are over. Until one pokes it's head out from under the TV while we're eating dinner. Elizabeth (having been whingy all day as she was sick) was very upset that things were a bit crazy. Matt's moving bookshelves around trying to find the mouse, and Phillip's screaming for a bottle, and the Elizabeth vomits everywhere again. So now I'm trying to do bottle and bath in a house increasingly topsy turvy with furniture trying to find a mouse that doesn't want to be found. After an hour or 2 of looking we give up. The mouse has gone into hiding. The kids get washed and put to bed and Matt and I start packing some things.

Saturday 16.8.08

Phillip wakes at 6am. Matt goes to give him his morning bottle only to find him bleeding everywhere from his thumb. He freaks and pulls back the covers to find our lovely little friend the mouse gnawing on Phillip's thumb! It gets flushed down the toilet (the mouse, not the thumb!). We ring the hospital to find out what to do. They have no idea either and promise to call us back. We get ready for the first inspection which is at 9 in the morning. Get there on time, the real estate agent is late, and then he tells us he doesn't have the keys and we have to wait for the owner. He turns up 20 minutes later. We have inspections all day at different places and put in applications for 2 of them. The hospital rings us back after having rung their vets and googling away and all sorts of things. Because he's up to date with immunisations and the wound bled they reckon he'll be OK.

Sunday 17.8.08

Yay - we actally make it to church! We pack some more boxes and keep praying for our applications to be successful.

Monday 18.8.08

Matt comes home early from work as he's been vomiting at work. Phillip starts vomiting all over the loungeroom floor. Where can I hide from the vomit?? More vomit, with a bit of diarrhoea thrown in for good measure. Both Elizabeth and Phillip are running from both ends. Phillip goes through about 5 changes of clothes. Yay - lots of washing - sheets and clothes and wraps!

Tuesday 19.8.08

Matt stays home from work. Both the kids seem OK, so we head off to a friend's place for the morning. Out to lunch with my natural grandmother. If you've ever seen Bridget Jones 2 you'll understand what I mean when I say my natural grandmother is a jellyfish. No comment is said without something mean intended behind it. Elizabeth and Phillip get really grisly as neither have had a sleep, and we finally get home to rest. Dinner sucks because Lilli wakes up very grumpy, but we put her back to bed and have a very early night. Phillip does very large diarrhoeas in the afternoon. He seems healthy, but his butt begs to differ.

Today 20.8.08

Got knocked back for both rental places we applied for. Rang agent and was told it's possibly because of the garden issue. They have been informing possible new agents. Want to go fire bomb owners house (of course not really, but just so frustrated). Luckily both children have an early sleep and I can cry in peace for a couple of hours. Still going through heaps of clothes for Phillip. He won't stop pooing!!!

Can I please have a new life? Or maybe a loan of $2000? Pretty please? Maybe a number of a good (free) removalist????


Pamela said...

Hope it doesn't suck for too much longer! Wishing you good things.

xo Pam

Vjbradford said...

Oh Kylie ... your luck HAS to turn soon ... really ... it has to!!

I'm so sorry to hear that life has been so sucky, and that the family have been so sick, and of course about the eviction - I really hope you find somewhere else to live very soon!

Hugs to you ...

Sar said...

Oh love, I feel for you after such a crappy time of late. Hope things pick up for you soon, they have to, don't they!!! Good luck with the house hunting. Cheers, Sar

I am... said...

what they evict you because of the garden??
the landlord should be thankfull you fixed it up a bit.
maybe they are evicting you because they want to put the rent up i know landlords do that :(
i am so so sorry i KNOW how hard it can be, but i hope you find somewhere soon.
you should sue ur landlord because the mouse bit ur son!!! hehe.

fingers crossed for you.