Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OK, we might not have somewhere to move after all...

After all the excitement this morning, we might not have a new place after all. The agent who thought they were managing the property we were approved for may not be the real managers and therefore not authorised to approve us after all.

And I didn't find this out until AFTER I had given notice for this place.

So now we might not have a place to move to, AND we only have until the 16th September to get out.

I don't quite understand what has happened. The agents we went through (Coast Real Estate) had approved everything and we'd paid a holding deposit. And then I got a call from The Professionals who were also advertising the property online and who when we were first looking I had rung and asked to inspect but they didn't have keys at the time. So they took my name and number and told me they'd call me back. So they called me back this morning saying I could have a look through now, and I told them we'd just been accepted for one of the properties. They sounded a bit surprised at this, and I got a few phone calls in rapid succession asking who we'd been approved through and told that we'd still be able to move in but The Professionals may be managing the property. So I rang Coast Real Estate and asked them what was happening and they told me that I was definitely moving in and everything was OK and not to worry. And no-one got back to me. So I rang again this afternoon and Pam at Coast told me again not to worry that we were still able to move in. Just to check I rang The Professionals and they sounded like if they were the eventual managers of the properties that we would have to re-apply for them.

I am so stressed. I have no idea what is happening. We may end up in a MUCH worse situation than we were before.

And I can't even do anything about any of it!

I just want to burst into tars, but I can't. I have to go get pumpkin soup on to cook...


Vjbradford said...

Oh Kylie ... I hope you get some sort of resolution to this today - it's stress that you just don't need! Fingers crossed for you :)


Susan said...

lie, will be thinking of you all day and hoping to hear better news VERY soon. Hugs.