Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sorry I've been gone a while!

I've been a little bit slack with my blogging! Where does the time go?

I've been pretty busy - scrapbooking and more...
I've been experimenting with digi again - a few LOs I've done on the computer. I quite like the effect I'm getting - like using expensive supplies without the money spent!

I also took part in the Cyber Crop at - and I actually won a prize! So cool!

I've completed my page in Scrapalot's CJ too. I quite like it and it was nice to get what I believe down onto paper.

I've also been busy with other scrapping just for me...

Mother's group's at my place next week. We've decided it's a good excuse to clean everything PROPERLY! So I've been scrubbing out the shower, and Matt's done a lot of sorting through Elizabeth and Phillip's clothes, and we've moved furniture around and cleaned under stuff. A pretty busy weekend this weekend! There's still lots to do, but it'll all be done before Wednesday.

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scrapwitch said...

wow youve been scrappin up a storm...great work