Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've been doing heaps of challenges today! It's been Leilz's cyber baby shower at scrapbooking memories yesterday and today, and so there's been heaps of challenges!

And a challenge at scrapchat - the sunday powerscrap.

And here's my latest digi - Elizabeth eating her free donut from her birthday (a little late of course!). We'd spent the day at Chipmunks at Westfield, and had a bit of a relax afterwards with a milkshake and choccie donut. YUM!

I've not just been doing scrapbooking - I also got a sleep-in this morning! matt took Elizabeth and Phillip for the morning and I actually got to sleep in until 10. Ahhhhhhh, bliss!

While I was sorting the washing I had Lusi Austin's blog open because of the music ( She's got a whole lot of really great Christian music on her blog and it was almost like the radio. I also stole her idea of daily bible verses on your blog. Hope you don't mind Lusi - they do say immitation is the highest form of flattery... She's having a HUGE RAK giveaway on her blog too - click the link above to check it out!

Anyway, I've had a really good long weekend, and will be back tomorrow to upload some photos of our trip to The Entrance yesterday!

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lusi said...

I don't mind at all! I think that is awesome and so glad you enjoyed the music too! Thanks for your support and love :)
Love your layout shares for the cyber baby shower and your digi layout is FABO!!!!!!
Love and blessings,
Lusi x