Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Cinderella" - Elizabeth style...

Most little 5 year olds love princesses. They love pretending to be princesses, dressing in pretty flouncy dresses, wearing tiaras, bossing people around, just generally being a princess.

So, when Elizabeth said she wanted to pretend to be Cinderella, that's what I was expecting.

But of course my daughter won't be standard, she loves to do things all in her own way, she's really an individual...

Elizabeth's interest in Cinderella was more about doing the washing! So she got a lesson in how to take the dry washing out of the dryer, transfer the clean washing out of the machine and into the dryer and then turn it on, pop a load into the washing machine, pour in a scoop of powder, select the correct temperature and water levels and get the machine going.

She then swept the floor and wiped up a couple of dirty spots with a wet wipe.

Now, if only she'd keep her room clean in the same way!!! :D

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Tanyah Payne said...

aww love the pics Kylie! she is growing up way too fast! xx :)