Monday, January 3, 2011

The post dedicated to Christmas lights

Hehehe, so the photo inundation just keeps on coming!

It's a tradition for us at some stage in that last week leading up to Christmas to head out and view all the pretty lights. The kids get to stay up late, we get to see the prettiness, and sometimes people are collecting for charities too.

It was sooo funny this year now that Phillip's talking a little more. He just about went crazy every time he saw a slight flicker of lights! I think he got excited at some porch lights at times! LOL

So, that's the post dedicated to Christmas lights. I'm sorry the photos aren't too great. I still haven't had the flash fixed on my camera, so I had to make use of ambient light. Which at night isn't too much!

Did you look at lights leading up to Christmas? Maybe you put lights out yourself. Let me know!

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Angela said...

Evelyn was a bit young for it, but we still drove her around a few of the streets here to look at the lights.