Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Phillip is sitting on my lap right now about to head off to bed, and he just wanted to say "hi", and "good night". I guess his spelling isn't the greatest... LOL

I actually got a few photos of my kiddles the other morning. TOGETHER! That is virtually impossible. The last photo I had of the 2 of them together and both looking at the camera, and HAPPY was in January I think. I've been able to photoshop a couple of decent pictures from combining 2 vaguely decent ones, but it's not the same! So here's one of the photos I got on Friday morning. There are others that I love too. Maybe I'll share them in my next post...

Last weekend I got to stay over at Sharon's house (thanks for the hospitality Sharon if you ever read this!) to do a bit of scrapping on the Saturday, and then we headed off to the stitches and craft show in Sydney on the Sunday. I managed to complete a few things on the Saturday.

Sadly I'm not as impressed by the work I do when I'm out of the house, as the stuff I do when I'm at home. I tend to get a bit more arty and do a lot more detailed work at home. At crops and retreats I tend to do a lot more clean-cut stuff and it tends to be a bit more, I dunno, boring? Not really the right word, but I'm never quite as happy with the things I do. But in the end I have a few more memories down on paper, a few more challenges done, and most of all, I get to have fun! And I guess that is the point eh?
The "Fashionista" LO is the basis for a sketch over at TAN's blog if you want to have something to get your creative juices flowing...
I'm starting working on a rag quilt at the moment (I figure if I put it in here I might actually FINISH a creative project!). I haven't really made a quilt before. I made a king-sized quilt cover for my mum using a very random style, but never actually a REAL quilt! Wish me luck!


Susan said...

I thought I recognised that sketch :)

That sure is a nice picture of the kids - I would be happy with it too!

Funny - I scrap differently out of the house than in it. When I am at someone else's place it feels like there is pressure to finish things- iykwim? At home there is none so I get into more detail too :)I love seeing othr crafters and their work though, and socialising isn't bad either!

aussiescrapper said...

I agree Kylie - I rarely go to crops but find I seem to like my work better that I do at home, I guess I enjoy the social side more whist at a crop and usually do not take everything I need. Love your layouts. Mel (aussiescrapper)

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!