Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feb 16: Raindrops keep falling on our house...

Feb 17: That Tendo is a real favourite! Pity she keeps giving the dogs away in Nintendogs...

Feb 18: My scrapping room needing a bit of work...

Feb 19: Phillip and some more mess!

Feb 20: Happy birthday to ME!

Feb 21: A nicely made bed

Feb 22: Some of our many many photos on display in the house (the squares below are mirrors - I'm such a child care teacher!)...
Feb 23: Matt and I - a vaguely decent photo (even if it needed some drastic Photoshopping!).

Feb 24: A major accident on the corner just near my house. A fire engine flipped a ute over into a neighbour's garden. The rescue teams and everyone were there for about 7 hours. Pretty scary stuff!

Feb 25: The Devil Wears Prada. What I'm reading right now. A pretty good read!

Feb 26: What a cutie this girl is! Elizabeth posing for the camera.

Feb 27: Phillip posing as well! He loves the camera.

Feb 28: My rockstar baby girl!

An update on the cleaning situation...
We did pretty good. The inside of the house got thoroughly cleaned and sorted (except sadly for my scrapping room. That needs some major sorting attention with a decent block of time). The garden hasn't been finished yet, but we're about half-way through the weeding. Sadly during our clean-out we found out cockroaches were having heaps of fun inside our bookshelves! They weren't in the kitchen or anywhere like that, but in our books! I was really really mad because they'd gotten into a couple of my scrapbooks. So now we've been spraying and squishing and cleaning out all the cockroaches (3 bug bombs, 1 huge can of surface spray, 12 baits, we've completely finished one can of spray now). If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of the little german cockroaches, PLEASE let me know!

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