Monday, February 16, 2009

First half of February...

Feb 1: A boy and his mess...
Feb 2: Happy Birthday Ryan!
Feb 4: A couple of sunburnt kids...Feb 5: Sparkly beaded necklace
Feb 6: Lilli in mummy's shoes
Feb 7: One cheeky monkey jumping on the bed
Feb 8: Why do we buy expensive toys?
Feb 9: A good read thanks to Grammy
Feb 10: Immunisations the day before take it out of you
Feb 11: Would Doll like a donut?
Feb 12: Playing at Jodie's
Feb 13: The new stroller that Phillip got to roadtest
Feb 14: Building (and smashing down) the blocks
Feb 15: Scrappy mess...

OK, I'm getting there! Have missed a grand total of 2 days so far this year. I'm allowing myself one muck-up a month but hoefully it'll become so routine to take a photo that by the end of the year I won't know what to do with myself!

Yesterday Phillip took 3 steps all on his own! From Matt to the lounge just so he could annoy Elizabeth. Gotta love the motivations of a starting walker!

We're getting the kids' winter wardrobes sorted mostly from end of and beginning of season sales. Why do they grow so darned quickly? And why is it that clothes get so much more expensive as they get bigger? Going from size 2 to size 3 for Elizabeth has been fun as it's a whole new section of the shop to look in. She's no longer in the baby/toddler section, she's a real little girl! And boys clothes! For some reason all boys this season HAVE to wear skulls. Actually, amend that, GIRLS have to wear skulls too, it's just they wear them in pink and black. I don't want to decorate my kids with bones!

Anyway, enough of my rant. I've been having fun getting stuff together for the millions of swaps I have signed myself up to this month. I thought I was limiting the amount of things I was doing, but in the end I have SO much to send! ARGH! At least Australia Post will be benefiting.

OK, enough of my rambling. I'm sure you have something much better to do with your time. Just like me! Weeding the garden here I come...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie, you call that first photo a mess? That looks like my place after I've cleaned LOL!!!

lexie said...

Great photos kylie.

Im with you on the skulls thing, Jacob cloths now are teenage boys and small mens and everything has skulls. It drives me and him mad, he does want to wear them either!