Thursday, January 15, 2009

2nd week of project 365

Well, week 2 of the year has already flown past! It's going so quickly already!

And I haven't missed a single day of photos yet. Admittedly I woke al 25 minutes to midnight one night and realised I hadn't taken a photo and had to jump up to do it, but still haven't forgotten any!

8th January:
9th January:
10th January:
11th January:
12th January:
13th January:

14th January:

I've also been able to get some scrapping done! Finally! Next post I'll put them in as I hate how Blogger mucks around with photos when there's quite a few of them.

Hope wherever you are it's cooler than here! I'm sweating just sitting still!


Lisa said...

Photos looking good Kylie - big committment, I couldn't do it.........I could probably manage to take the pics but the editing and uploading...BLAH!!! LOL, I'll go for one a week!!
Your kids are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie, have I told you that I love your banner? I took a photo of our shoes too, must get it developed so I can scrap it. Love the pic of your daughter in the pink skirt, I think my daughter has exact same, very girly, till next time, Tiff :o)

Susan said...

Lookin' good, Kylie! Good to see you sticking to your challenge. It makes you look at life a while new way, doesn't it? And thankfully digi cameras make it all REALLY possible!

I'm loving the little glimpses of your life :) Hugs!