Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning at Last!

As i guess is usual for a family with 2 young kids, we had WAY too many presents under the tree! Even though we thought we had been really good with not going too overboard, the tree was still overflowing on Christmas morning...

I TRIED to get a decent photo of the 2 kids in front i=of the pile in the morning. After taking about 10 (and this being the best of the bunch) I gave up. It was just NOT going to happen. Why interrupt Christmas morning with a whole pile of photos?

There was heaps of wrapping paper, laughing, lots of "oooooohhhhhh"s from Elizabeth, and some screaming from Phillip as he couldn't wait for the toys to be taken out of the packaging (WHY do they put SO many layers of packaging on everything? Cardboard, plastic, twist ties, etc. etc.). The kids had so much fun!
And not a mention of Santa even once. These 2 I am hoping to raise not believing in Santa. I reckon Christmas is about family and friends and giving and receiving presents and celebrating Jesus, and I don't quite get where a big fat red suited guy comes into it? Christmas is so magical with lights, carols, family, etc. I don't think it needs more! Besides I hate to lie to my kids and I think it's demeaning to think kids should believe in something so obviously fake (on the news on Christmas Eve they had a report that Santa was just leaving the North Pole, and then it was followed by the weather girl in the shopping centre with "Santa" standing next to her... How stupid do we think our kids are??).
Anyway, off my soap-box. Christmas morning was heaps of fun. Breakfast was delayed and we had fun spending it as a family and ripping paper!

Everyone got some things they really loved. I was spoiled and got a new printer/scanner that has a negative scanner. So you all may be subjected to some pretty old and daggy photos as I gradually scan in all those old negatives...
Elizabeth LOVED her dolls house and her Nintendogs game. Phillip loves it all (particularly anything that makes noise). Matt got Holden stuff and a portable DVD player for watching things on the train.
And then we headed off to my mum's house for the HUGE Christmas lunch. I don't know how she does it, but each year it's big, loud and well organised.
So, on to the next post and next lot of photos...

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